2nd International Conference BIOHYDROLOGY 2009: A changing climate for biology and soil hydrology interactions
Bratislava, Slovakia, September 21–24, 2009



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Plenary Session


Bachmann J, Goebel M-O, Lamparter A, Woche SK, Deurer M: Wettability-induced modification of soil biophysical properties (keynote lecture)

Baveye P: Bioclogging of soils and aquifer materials: Roots before biohydrology and current perspectives (keynote lecture)

Blum WEH: Spatial and temporal dimensions of biohydrological processes in soils (keynote lecture)

Horn R, Peth S, Richards BG: Heavy soil loading and its consequence for soil structure, strength and deformation of arable soils (keynote lecture)

Jarvis N, Lindahl A, Rosen K: Earthworms and “non-local” transport phenomena. (keynote lecture)

Matthews GP, Laudone GM, Whalley WR, Bird N, Gregory A, Cardenas L, Misselbrook T: Measurement and pore-level modelling of the production of nitrous oxide from soil (keynote lecture)

Nieber JL, Sidle R, Steenhuis TS: Potential for enhanced seepage and subsurface erosion from discontinuous macropore networks (keynote lecture)

Simunek J, Torkzaban S, Twarakavi NKC, Bradford SA: Modeling of hydrological processes influenced by biology at various scales (keynote lecture)

Steenhuis TS, Zevi Y, Gao B, Morales VL, Cakmak ME, Salvucci AE, Zang W, Aparicio E, Hay A: Retention of biocolloids in the vadose zone (keynote lecture)



Session 1


Czachor H, Pieniadz J, Niewczas J, Flis-Bujak M: Water sorptivity and water retention of subcritically repellent soils (keynote lecture)

de Rooij GH, van der Ploeg MJ, Gooren HPA, Bakker G, Hoogendam CW, Huiskes C, Kruidhof H, Koopal LK: Polymer tensiometers to measure matric potentials down to wilting point: principles, performance, and applications (keynote lecture)

Gerke HH, Ellerbrock RH, Leue M: Local properties of coatings and biopore surfaces are controlling preferential flow in structured soils (keynote lecture)

An SS, Mentler A, Acosta-Martínez V, Blum WEH: Soil microbial parameters and stability of soil aggregate fractions under different plant communities of grassland soils on the Loess Plateau, China

Anda A, Diossy L: Simulation in plant-water relation: a case study for Hungary

Bayer JV, Schaumann GE: Proton NMR relaxometry – a useful tool for hydrological applications

Cuevas JG, Little C, Calvo M, Pino M: Coupling between air temperature, streamflows, and stream temperature in forested watersheds of southern Chile

Dong X: Derivation and appropriate application of a recursive equation for parameter updation of the instantaneous unit hydrograph

Elias P: Canopy conductance estimation by multi-layer approach: Species-rich deciduous forest canopy case

Fujimaki H, Kikuchi N: Drought and salinity tolerances of young jatropha

Gordon DC, Hallett PD: An automated microinfiltrometer to measure small-scale soil water transport properties

Horvat O, Sitkova Z, Hlasny T: Climate change impacts on the hydrological regime of mesoscale basins: the Bebrava catchment case study

Hoshino A, Fujimaki H, Okuro T, Undarmaa J, Takeuchi K: Change of soil hydraulic properties along the trajuctory after the crop abandonment at a semi arid grassland in Mongolia

Kobayashi T, Mori M, Yasutake D, Ikegami D, Ebihara K, Sonoda Y, Wang W, Cho H: Experimental validation of a model of soil hydrology incorporating bioprocesses (BBH-B model)

Lacombe G, Pierret A, Sengtaheuanghoung O: History of major land cover changes in the Indochina region based on long-term flow records of the Mekong river 

Novak V, Lichner L, Zhang B, Knava K: The impact of heating and plant cover on soil hydraulic properties of the soils from Sekule, Slovakia

Novakova M, Skalsky R, Takac J: The agro-hydrological modeling in landscape – various scales approaches

Pekarova P, Halmova D, Miklanek P, Onderka M, Skoda P, Liova S, Kucarova K: Impact of riparian vegetation on temperature of stream water

Pekarova P, Miklanek P, Onderka M, Sebin M: Hydrological and chemical balance of water quality parameters in two small basins with different vegetation cover

Pivec J, Brant V, Becka D: Water consumption and the influence of weather on the transpiration of Brassica napus L. under the field conditions

Regalado CM, Ritter A: Modeling soil-water repellency

Schmidke M, Gerke HH, Leue M, Ellerbrock RH: Distribution of wettability and organic matter composition observed locally at surfaces of preferential flow paths

Vegh KR: Root traits, water use and drought tolerance of maize genotypes


Session 2


Eitzinger J, Thaler S, Gerersdorfer T, Laube W, Holawe F, Orfanus T: Estimation of spatial climate variability in agricultural environments and its relevance for climate change impact assessments (keynote lecture)

Lapin M, Hrvol J, Melo M, Tomlain J: Possible climate change impacts on hydrologic cycle in Slovakia and observed values in 1951–2007 (keynote lecture)

Seneviratne SI, Davin EL, Teuling AJ, Jaeger EB: The role of soil and vegetation for climate variability and climate change (keynote lecture)

Cardoso M, Nobre C, Hirota H, Lapola D, Salazar L, Oyama M, Sampaio G, Valeriano D, Camara G: Modeling of the decrease of tropical-forest resilience in Amazonia as affected by deforestation and fires

Camara G: Modeling of the decrease of tropical-forest resilience in Amazonia as affected by deforestation and fires

Doerr SH, Shakesby RA, Blake WH, Sheridan GJ, Lane PNJ, Smith HG, Bell T: Effects of an extreme biomass burning event on soil hydrology: findings from the catastrophic 2009 Victoria wildfires

El Nahry AH, Doluschitz R: Climate change and its impacts on the coastal zone of the Nile Delta, Egypt

Fasko P, Lapin M, Melo M, Pecho J: Changes in precipitation regime in Slovakia – past, present and future

Fisak J, Stoyanova V, Tesar M, Petrova P, Daskalova N, Tsacheva T, Marinov M: The pollutants in fog water and in air at Milesovka Observatory (Czech Republic)

Hernadi H, Farkas Cs, Mako A, Mate F: Climate sensitivity of the soil water regime of different soil subtypes

Kleidon A, Arens S, Bohn K, Buendia C, Pavlick R, Porada P, Reu B, Richter S, Schymanski S, Sickel K: The Jena-GLOBE:  a thermodynamic approach to modelling the transfer of energy and mass in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system

Nair KS: Impact of the changes in climate and land use pattern on hydrological conditions and biodiversity in a tropical state of India 

Nekovar J, Mozny M, Kott I: Long-term fluctuations of the soil moistures and temperatures in the Czech lower Elbe valley for the period 1921–2008

Normatov I, Murtazaev U: Formation of hydrofauna in reservoirs of the Central Asia in condition of global climate change

Orfanus T, Novak V, Eitzinger J: Factors influencing water stress spatial variability at field scale

Saue T, Kadaja J: Impact of precipitation redistribution in the slope on potato yield

Sellin A, Lubenets K: Variation of transpiration within a canopy of silver birch: effect of canopy position and daily versus nightly water loss

Smith P, Calanca P, Ammann Ch, Lazzarotto P: Management and climate change impacts on carbon and water fluxes from Swiss agricultural sites

Strelcova K, Kucera J, Fleischer P, Giorgi S, Gomoryova E, Skvarenina J, Ditmarova L: Canopy transpiration of mountain mixed forest as a function of environmetal conditions in boundary layer



Session 3


Duester L, Bayer J, Dabrunz A, Rakcheev D, Schulz R, Schaumann GE: Metal(oid) oxide nanoparticles in environmental matrices (keynote lecture)

Kitano M, Urayama K, Sakata Y, Sonoda Y, Ebihara K, Sago Y, Yoshikoshi H, Araki T, Yasutake D, Cho H, Kobayashi T: Column experiment on water and salt movement in soil driven by crop roots (keynote lecture)

Pierret A, Ribolzi O, Gonkhamdee S, Vigiak O, Ayutthaya SIN, Pannengpetch K, Sengtaheuanghoung O, Maeght J-L, Emmanuel Bourdon E, de Rouw A, Do FC, Nandris D, Valentin C, Noble A: Interactions between agriculture and soil hydrology: Challenges and opportunities for a sustainable management of environmental services in Southeast Asia (keynote lecture)

Aliasgharzad N, Bolandnazar SA, Neyshabouri MR,  Chaparzadeh N: Impact of soil sterilization and irrigation intervals on P and K acquisition by mycorrhizal onion (Allium cepa L.)

Amer AM: Soil water infiltration as influenced by surface irrigation in a grape farm

Baja S, Ramli M, Lias SA: Land use, soil erosion, and water protection in the Jeneberang valley, Indonesia

Cerda A, Jurgensen MF, Burguet M: Water and soil losses as a consequence of ant nesting on citrus orchards in Eastern Spain. The influence of land management

Dunai A, Mako A, Hernadi H: The estimation possibilities of soil NAPL conductivity on the basis of air permeability data

Goebel M-O, Woche SK, Bachmann J: Do soil aggregates really protect encapsulated organic matter against microbial decomposition?

Gordon DC, Hallett PD: Rise in CO2 affects microscale soil water relations

Hallett PD, McKenzie BM: Does crop production under shelter increase water repellency?

Gundogan R, Merdun H, Demirkiran AR, Hall N, Agturk R, Erol A: Temporal soil moisture contents in an alley cropping system under pistachio in the semiarid region of Turkey

Hejduk S, Kasprzak K: Specific features of water regime of agricultural soil in winter and early spring

Huzsvai L, Rajkai K: Modeling of plant adaptation to climatic drought induced water deficit

Jafarzadeh AA, Vahidi MJ, Oustan Sh: Iron nature and profile distribution in relation to pedogenic processes in some soils developed under different physiographic units in south Ahar (Iran)

Josa R, Ginovart M, Sole A: Analyzing the effect of direct drilling and conventional tillage with residue extraction on soil macroporosity under dryland farming in a sub-humid environment (NE Spain)

Kaendler M, Seidler C: Erosion processes in a small catchment in the upper Lusatia Region induced by heavy rain events

Kodesova R, Kodes V, Brodsky L, Kocarek M, Drabek O, Kozak J: Land cover impact on pesticide groundwater vulnerability

Kodesova R, Rohoskova M: Aggregate stability within the soil profile affected by agricultural practice

Lucci GM, McDowell RW, Condron LM: Evaluation of equilibrium phosphorus concentration techniques (EPC0) using different base solutions

Mako A, Toth B, Marth P, Farkas Cs, Hernadi H: MARTHA: the first Hungarian detailed soil hydrophysical database

Pasricha NS, Bansal SK, Moindeen KS,  Datta S: Tillage options in relation to carbon inputs and water use in rice-wheat cropping system

Saremi H, Torabi A: Monitoring and assessment of sediment yield from a small watershed using GIS to develop a management plan for sustainable agriculture

Schaumann G, Diehl D, Xu Y: Discussion of mechanisms leading to changes in soil particle surface properties following the climate change

Shahbazi F, Jafarzadeh AA, Sarmadian F, Neyshabouri MR, Oustan S, Romero M-A, de la Rosa D: Alcor and Aljarafe models application for exploring the agro-ecological limits of sustainability in Ahar area (Iran)

Shahbazi F, Jafarzadeh AA, Shahbazi MR: Agro-ecological field vulnerability evaluation and climate change impacts in Souma area, Iran, using MicroLEIS DSS

Sharma UC, Sharma V: Plant-animal-soil-hydrology interactions in the northeastern region of India

Smettem KRJ: The relation between runoff generation and temporal stability of soil macropores in a fine sandy loam

Szejba D, Cymes I, Szatylowicz J, Szymczyk S: An impact of drainage system on soil water regime on example of Lidzbark Warminski experimental site

Takac J, Siska B: Climate change impact on soil water balance of Danubian Lowland

Thomas Z, Ghazavi G, Merot Ph: Interactions between hedgerow, soil and hydrology

Thwaites LA, de Rooij GH, Salzman S, Allinson G, Stagnitti F, Carr R, Versace V, Struck S, March T:  Near-surface distributions of soil water and water repellency under three effluent irrigation schemes in a blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) plantation

Umarova AB, Shein EV, Beketskaya TV: Hydraulic functions anisotropy and preferential water flow in agricultural texture-differentiated soils

Vegh KR: Prediction of nitrate leaching in irrigated vegetable culture

Yasutake D, Araki T, Wang W, Kobayashi T, Cho H, Mori M, Kitano M: Analysis of salts transport affected by root absorption capacity in surface-irrigated fields in the upper Yellow River basin

Zaleski T, Mariusz K, Mazurek R: Soil morphology and water regime in arable soils derived from loess-like sediments of the Carpatian Foothills

Zaujec A, Gonet SS, Chlpik J, Simansky V: Soil organic matter and aggregates stability in soils after wind throw and fire in the High Tatras Mountains



Session 4


Cammeraat LH, Kooijman AM: Biological control of pedological and hydro-geomorphological processes in a deciduous forested ecosystem (keynote lecture)

Cermak J, Nadezhdina N: Importance of field eco-physiological studies of tree water relations for hydrological purposes (keynote lecture)

De Baets S, Poesen J: The effects of plant roots on soil erosion by concentrated flow (keynote lecture)

Llorens P, Muzylo A, Latron J, Schnabel S, Domingo P, Gallart F: Rainfall partitioning by Mediterranean vegetation and its effects on soil water balance (keynote lecture)

Al-Kufaishi SA, Moldrup P, Blendstrup H, De Jonge LW, Schjonning P, Kawamoto K, Komatsu T: Soil physical constraints and land use impact on hysteretic soil-water repellency

Bryant R, Cheng S, Doerr SH, Wright CJ, Bayer JV, Williams PR: Nano-scale investigation of soil particles and model material surfaces with biofilms and contrasting hydrophobicity using atomic force microscopy (AFM) 

Buchtele J, Tesar M: The variability of evapotranspiration and soil water storage in longtime series of rainfall-runoff process

Cerda A, Doerr SH, Mataix-Solera J, Bodi MB: Ants trigger soil losses after forest fire in Eastern Spain

Cermak J, Nadezhdina N: Importance of field eco-physiological studies of tree water relations for hydrological purposes

Dohnal M, Dusek J, Vogel T, Cislerova M, Lichner L, Stekauerova V: Ponded infiltration into soil with biopores – field experiment and modeling

Gebhardt T, Feuerbach T, Grimmeisen F, Schulz C, Haeberle K-H, Matyssek R, Ammer Ch: Water balance of a Norway spruce stand in response to different thinning intensities

Germann P, Lange B, Luscher P: Rise and fall of the forest-hydrological paradigma – a gigantic bio-hydrological experiment in Switzerland

Gomoryova E, Vass D, Pichler V, Gregor J, Gomory D: Effect of alginite amendment on microbial activity and soil water content in forest soils

Haeberle K-H, Wieser G, Patzner K, Blaschke H, Matyssek R: Altitudinal variation and consistencies in water relations of forest trees and stands

Holko L, Skvarenina J, Kostka Z, Fric M, Staron J: Impact of spruce forest on rainfall interception and seasonal snow cover evolution in the Western Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

Homolak M, Capuliak J, Pichler V, Lichner L: The impact of soil moisture and plant cover on hydraulic conductivity of the soils from Sekule, Slovakia

Hribik M, Skvarenina J, Suchomel J: Ecohydrological effect of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) and European beech (Fagus silvatica L.) on snow water equivalent and snow melting in the middle-mountain region of Polana Mts. – Biospherical Reserve

Hrvol J, Horecka V, Skvarenina J, Strelcova K: Long-term results of evaporation in xerothermic oak vegetation stage in southern Slovakia

Lichner L, Orfanus T, Novak V, Hallett PD, Sir M, Tesar M: Impact of vegetation on hydro-physical characteristics of a sandy soil

Llorens P, Muzylo A, Latron J, Schnabel S, Domingo P, Gallart F: Rainfall partitioning by Mediterranean vegetation and its effects on soil water balance

Meszaros I, Miklanek P: Potential evapotranspiration patterns based on vegetation cover in mountainous areas

Nikodem A, Kodesova R, Boruvka L, Drabek O, Pavlu L: Impact of various organic horizons on Al and S mobility in representative forest soil profiles in the Jizera Mountains

Sir M, Lichner L, Tesar M, Hallett PD, Martinkova M: Simulation of phytomass productivity based on the optimum temperature for plant growth in a cold climate

Skvarenina J, Merganic J, Merganicova K, Vorcak J, Siska B: Using throughfall index for understanding interception and precipitation regime in the mountain spruce forests of Oravske Beskydy

Soltes R: The effectivity of anti-flood technology indicated by vegetation in a hydrologically managed forest

Urbanek E, Walsh RPD, Shakesby RA, Doerr SH: Effects of stones, cracks and holes on water movement in hydrophobic soils

Woods S, Balfour V: Causes of variability in the effects of vegetative ash on post-wildfire runoff and erosion



Session 5


Kostka SJ, Bell DJ, Gadd NJ: Estimation of crop losses associated with soil water repellency in horticultural crops (keynote lecture)

Shein EV, Umarova AB, Milanovskiy EYu, Sokolova IV: Stages of soil hydrology development and agriculture (keynote lecture)

Williams AG, Dowd JF, Heppell CM, Meijles EW: The influence of vegetation and animals on runoff generation in a small upland catchment on Dartmoor, UK (keynote lecture)

Aamlid TS, Espevig T, Pettersen TO, Skar SLG, Kvalbein A: Evaluation the surfactant Aqueduct® for recovery of turfgrass quality on a severely water repellent golf green

Aamlid TS, Larsbo M, Jarvis N: Effects of surfactant use and peat amendment on leaching of fungicides and nitrate from golf greens

Boerth TJ, Danan SJ: Evaluating Wilhelmy plate method to measure surfactant placement in a water repellent sand profile

Chaichi MR, Mitra S, Nurre P, Slaven J, Quest M, Kostka S: Influence of wetting agents in deficit irrigation regimes of field corn

Farkas Cs, Birkas M, Varallyay Gy: Soil tillage systems to reduce the harmful effect of extreme weather and hydrological situations

Fidanza MA, Cisar J, Schlossberg M, McNitt A, C. Bigelow C, Kostka S: Soil hydrology issues in sports turf ecosystems

Franklin MK, Boerth TJ, Karas I, Borgert CJ: The environmental impact of soil surfactants 

Hauchart V: Managing pluvial resources and improving soil hydrology: survival questions for cotton farming system. The case study of the Mouhoun (Burkina Faso)

Horn R, Peth S: Soil structure formation and management effects on gas emission

Kumar SJ, Sweeney J: The impact of climate change on soil hydrology and degradation: an assessment of vulnerabilities on Irish Agriculture

Lachacz A, Nitkiewicz M, Kalisz B: Water repellence of post-boggy soils with various content of organic matter

Laszlo P, Gyuricza Cs: The effects of conservation tillage systems on soil hydrophysical parameters and earthworm activity in sandy loam soil

Macleod CJA, Binley A, Gregory A, Haygarth PM, Humphreys MW, Joynes A, Papadopoulos A, Skot L, Turner LB, Watts C, Whalley WR: Linking the biology and physics of temperate multifunctional grasses and soil hydrological function

Michel JC: Changes in water repellency as a main factor influencing hysteresis phenomena of water retention properties: the case of organic growing media used in Horticulture

Milanovskiy EY, Shein EV: Hydrophobic-hydrophylic components relation in soil organic matter and water stability aggregates in typical Chernozem
Moore D, Kostka SJ, Boerth TJ, Franklin MK, Ritsema CJ, Dekker LW, Oostindie K, Wesseling JG, Stoof C, Park D: The effect of soil surfactants on soil hydrological behavior, the plant growth environment, irrigation efficiency and water conservation
Neyshabouri MR, Rahmati M, Oustan S, Feiziasl V: Crop rotation effects on soil structural properties, aggregate fractal dimension and drayland wheat yield in semiarid regions of Iran

Papierowska E, Szatylowicz J, Kalisz B, Lachacz A: Effect of soil properties on soil water contact angle

Pintar M, Mali B, Kreigher H: The impact of ski slope management on Krvavec (Slovenia) on hydrological functions of soils 

Savage A, Holden J, Wainwright J: The role of land management on carbon cycling in peatlands

Toth E, Koos S: Relationship between soil water content and carbon dioxide emission in different soil management systems

Veliskova Y, Dulovicova R, Skalova J, Vidovic J: Impact of channel-driven oscillation of groundwater level on plant roots